Celebrating the Professional Contributions of Dr. Yoram Koren,
the Paul G. Goebel Professor of Engineering, University of Michigan.

Yoram Koren has had a truly distinguished academic career, with numerous contributions to manufacturing research, education and practice. A special celebration of those accomplishments was held on Thursday May 24th, 2007,

Mike Molnar

Mike Molnar helps Prof. Koren celebrate!

Professor Ulsoy

Prof. Ulsoy kicks off KorenFest!

Distinguished KorenFest Speakers….
Steve Malkin and Professor Koren

Steve Malkin discusses his history with Prof. Koren

Professor Koren and Professor Asibu

Prof. Koren thanks Prof. Asibu

Reuven Katz and Professor Koren

Reuven Katz discusses his work with Prof. Koren before and at the ERC/RMS

Professor Lin

Prof. Lin reflects on research in Machine Tool Interpolators

Professor Maier-Speredelozzi

Prof. Maier-Speredelozzi discusses Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

Zbigniew Pasek

Zbigniew Pasek worked with Prof. Koren to better Open-Architecture Controllers

Professor Borenstein

Prof. Borenstein reflects on Robotics and Rehabilitation

Yoram Koren

Yoram Koren delivers a heart-felt thank you to all involved in his celebration