Dr. Reuven Katz’s Book – Shorten the Time to Doctorate: A Guide to Managing a Ph.D. as a Project

Dr. Reuven Katz’s book, Shorten the Time to Doctorate:A Guide to Managing a Ph.D. as a Project, was published by AuthorHousein December 2009.


An NSF study reported that in 2003 the median net registered Time to Doctorate (from baccalaureate to doctorate) in all academic fields in the US, was 7.5 years and in Engineering 6.9 years, showing a steadily growing trend (NSF 06-312).

This book explains, in simple terms, how to apply management techniques in order to shorten the Time to Doctorate by at least ONE whole year. The techniques are generic and can be easily applied to improve all doctoral projects, regardless of academic field.

A chapter is devoted to explain how to identify, avoid and cope with potential crises in a doctoral program. Each potential crisis is explained and analyzed in order to help the candidate avoid or resolve it.

The book is short, informative, affordable and fun. It can help many PhD candidates to improve their overall performance, as well as guide graduate students who consider joining a doctoral program.

Additional information is available on the book website:   http://www.wix.com/xhrup1/managing-phd