ERC Software

PAMS – Performance Analysis for Manufacturing Systems

Developing software packages that are based on our fundamental research is an important tool in our technology transfer strategy. Manufacturing companies may use our software packages to facilitate their decision-making ability when multiple options are presented.

Research Cycle

Center Research Goals and Thrust Areas

The Center has four research goals that are designed to support the strategic vision discussed in above.

  • Development of methodologies and mathematical tools for the systematic, cost-effective design of reconfigurable manufacturing systems and enterprises that are scalable and convertible
  • Creation of a new generation reconfigurable controllers for RMS and reconfigurable machines, as well as methodologies and software tools for their design
  • Development of in-process part inspection methodologies to be integrated with system root-cause analysis tools
  • Development of methodologies and mathematical tools for RMS operations in a multi-part production mode including part re-routing scheduling and responsive maintenance policies

To accomplish these goals we perform research in three corresponding Thrust Areas.

TA-1: System Design and Operations

TA-2: Manufacturing Information and Control

TA-3: In-Process Metrology