Reconfigurable Factory Testbed (RFT)

The Reconfigurable Factory Testbed (RFT) is a comprehensive platform that enables research, development, education, validation and transfer of Reconfigurable manufacturing system (RMS) concepts.

By providing a collaborative mix of hardware/software and real/simulation components distributed across a web-enabled network, the RFT serves as excellent environment to consolidate and showcase results of the University of Michigan’s Engineering Research Center for RMS.

RFT Components

Diagram of the Reconfigurable Factory Testbed

The RFT consists of two cells with two CNC machines and a robot each, connected in series by a conveyor.

Virtual Factory: A commercial factory simulation software package is used to simulate not only the serial-parallel machining line and the assembly cell, but also additional factory components that do not exist in hardware. The virtual factory is actually linked into the system to enable real + virtual simulations.