Thrust Area 2 – Manufacturing Information and Control

Fanuc RobotThe Manufacturing Information and Control thrust area is dedicated to developing solutions, strategies and best practices for factory-wide manufacturing control solutions.  Focus areas include software and hardware control frameworks, control logic approaches, networks for control diagnostics and safety, and virtual and real environment fusion.

Past Events:

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May 1, 2008:

September 28, 2007:

April 1, 2007:

Research Projects:

  • Prediction of Unscheduled Factory Downtime – Datasheet
  • Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation –Datasheet
  • Factory-Wide Time Synchronization for Diagnostics, Control and Safety – Datasheet
  • Virtual Fusion: The Complete Integration of Simulation for Reduced Ramp-up and Reconfiguration Cost – Datasheet
  • Fault Diagnosis Through Automatic Model Generation for Large-Scale Systems – Datasheet
  • Reconfigurable Factory Testbed: Providing for the consolidation, demonstration and transfer of industrial quality hardware and software components to deliver capabilities in networks, consolidated controls, quality control, and real + virtual environment fusion.  – 

Industrial Partnership Projects:


TitleIndustrial Partner
Reducing Unscheduled Downtime Through Automated Event-Based ControlChrysler LLC.
Wireless Network Performance TestingUSCAR
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Verification and Validation of Logic ControlGeneral Motors
Manufacturing Network Time Synchronization Best PracticesNIST & Meinberg
Development, Application and Transfer of a Network ROI Cost Calculator (Completed in 2007)Chrysler LLC. & Pilz Automation
Improving Quality While Reducing Cost Through Virtual Inspection and Process Control (Completed in 2007)Intel Corp.
Industrial  Ethernet Testing (Completed in 2006)General Motors
Shared Versus Dedicated Networks for Safety and Control Networking (Completed in 2006)Pilz Automation USA


Primary Contacts:


Dawn TilburyDawn Tilbury: Thrust Area Director


James MoyneJames Moyne: Thrust Area Manager