Center Facilities

The NSF ERC/RMS has established one of the largest academic manufacturing R&D testbeds in the United States. This 12,000 sq. ft. facility houses all of our hardware and equipment, our research and administrative staff, students and some faculty offices.

“The testbed…probably has the most comprehensive capabilities of any such facility in the US, [and] rivals similar facilities in Europe, and is a valuable resource for other academic and industrial researchers (in Michigan and elsewhere in the US) to validate research.”

NSF Site Visit Report, 2007 

“The physical facilities that include student space, the lab and testbed facility are first class; one of the best in North America for graduate education and research in manufacturing.”

NSF Site Visit Report, 2002 
student_area.jpgStudent Work Area MBIM
Penetrating Cylindrical Surface Finish Inspection Probe
RFTReconfigurable Factory Testbed
RMTThe Arch-type RMT RIM
Reconfigurable Inspection Machine with Porosity Vision Sub-Assembly